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PAD – 11/366 – Jan 11th

11/366 – 11th January 2020

This image is of a book I purchased that I have no intention of reading.



I have three copies of The Silmarrion already, including the Audiobook, I have listened to Martin Shaw read the history of Middle-Earth so many times, he is like my own storyteller.

I found this little gem in a Charity Shop for 50p. I nearly left it behind, but I went back to the shelf and I bought it. Why did I buy another version… well, it looked pretty and I didn’t have that version. Simple as that really.

I drive my Mum up the wall buying things that I don’t intend on using just because my geeky side says that I NEED that particular thing. One could say I am a hoarder, I prefer a collector of ephemera that makes me smile.

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PAD – 10/366 – Jan 10th

10/366 – January 10th 2020

I haven’t really been up to getting out and getting my shots for this challenge the past few days. Life and all that has gotten in the way and my mental health hasn’t been great.

It is a full moon tonight and I tested the waters last night with attempting to shoot the moon and failed miserably. Today I did a little bit of research on the Huawei forums and took a few tips and set up the phone beforehand using the AI function and 50x zoom. This was the outcome. I am so pleased with how this came out. It isn’t perfect and I think with some refinement using the pro manual features, I can do better.

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PAD – 4/366 – Jan 4th

Garbage bag with rain drops splattered all over
4/366 – January 4th
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PAD – 3/366 – Jan 3rd

Image of a mobile phone and earbud charger case
3/366 January 3rd

I have found that when I go out I can find myself overwhelmed by noise and crowds. It used to mean that days out and shopping trips would often be cut short due to severe anxiety. I would retreat back to the comfort and safety of my home.

When I go out now, I have my phone and at least one pair of headphones about my person. If the “terrors” start to get a hold I plug in and tune out of the world. My family all know about this and it is not unusual for them to have a backup pair of headphones too.

It’s no the most social way of dealing with life, but it works. Until things start improving, these two items will remain a constant companion.

Gadgets Reviews

Review – Huawei Freebuds 3

Huawei Freebuds 3 in their charging case.
Huawei Freebuds 3 in the Charging case.

Having bought several pairs of earbuds and headphones over the past 18 months to replace a pair of wired buds that I was particularly attached to, I hadn’t found that one pair that did it all, the one pair that ticked every box. The Huawei Freebuds 3 are my latest purchase, and here is how they hold up.

To cut a long story short – These things are next to perfect for me.

In the Beginning

I had been very wary of True Wireless Buds after seeing the Apple AirPods looking like a wedge of money waiting for me to lose one and waste £150. When I got the Huawei P30 Pro, it was my first Android phone, and the first phone I had that didn’t have a 3.5mm jack to plug my headphones into. For a while, I had an adapter to keep using my existing buds and headphones, and then I bought a set of Skullcandy Crusher 3 over the ear headphones, and while I love them, they are too big for day to day use.

Just before Christmas, I was lucky enough to get a voucher from the Huawei community forum for 50% off the new Freebuds 3 wireless buds. At £165, it was the same story as the fruity AirPods, but given a voucher for 50% off. It would be churlish not to take the offer and make a leap of faith.

I received the buds on Same Day delivery from Argos, and I had the buds charged in time for me to use them on the way to work that evening.

Getting Set Up

Connecting the buds to the P30pro was as simple as downloading the app and opening the case. Yep, that simple. I was astounded by this as I have had some tough times trying to get certain wireless devices connected. While talking about connection, these buds stay connected until you need them to be disconnected (to do this you simply put them back in the charging case).

The most important element when it comes to earbuds or headphones for me is how they sound (obviously) – Well, these buds sound fantastic. Possibly the best sounding earbuds I have ever used. I won’t compare them to over the head/ear devices as I believe that they have a different job to do in different circumstances. Seeing as most of my listening is done on the move, the Freebuds is going to be my main buds, and I am more than happy with this.

Huawei Freebuds out of the Charging Case

Charging times are really quick, and the charge lasts so long. I haven’t timed the charge times, but I have only had to recharge the case twice in the two weeks I have been using them. The Buds recharge from the case and a quick splash and dash charge from the P30pro wireless charging for a quick charge to get me home.


I listen to a lot of Audio Drama, and the Freebuds do a great job of allowing me to get lost in the drama. For music, there is clarity and super clear separation. I really cannot fault these buds for what they are designed to do.

Since I got the Freebuds, I have given them thorough testing over various musical styles. Ranging from Iron Maiden to Beethoven, from a Ministry of Sound playlist on Spotify to a Relaxation video on YouTube and not once have the Freebuds let me down. The sound is clear and full. The Bass isn’t overwhelming to the point of distortion and the high end is crystal clear and beautiful to listen to.


I can’t compare the Freebuds to any other device of its kind, but I won’t be straying far from these in the future as to my ears, these are about as close to perfect as I think I am going to get. I think if you have an android device, especially a Huawei one, the Freebuds are the way to go. I would say that if you want full compatibility, then using the Freebuds on an Apple device could leave you disappointed as the App that controls the Freebuds isn’t available in the iOs App Store. If that isn’t a deal-breaker, go for the Freebuds, but if you want to make the most out of your money, go for what works best for your device. For me… the way forward is Free

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PAD – 2/366 – Jan 2nd

A night time view from a bridge in Snodland, focusing on the Night Sky with Stars visable
2/366 January 2nd

If you took notice of yesterdays post you will notice that that the challenge has increased overnight. I found out that 2020 is Leap Year. I am unsure if the immense amount of extra work that one day will entail won’t break me; I do have to at least, give it the old school try.

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PAD – 1/365 – Jan 1st

Selfie of the author
1/365 – January 1st 2020

I am tired. More tired than I have been in so long. This tiredness isn’t about a lack of sleep, it’s more than that, it’s like being stretched thin. I feel like I can see through myself and others can too. I feel like I have been battered black and blue emotionally the past year. Most of it out of my control, some not so much.

I am starting this challenge to try and give me the first thing to focus on this coming year. I hope that on December 31st 2020 I’ll be able to post another selfie that shows me a lot more “refreshed” and not having to fake “yet another smile”.

I foresee a huge amount of change this coming year. I know I have a lot of work to do on myself and to get myself back to how good and positive I felt 2 years ago. I guess 2020 is the year of the challenge.

I want to big it up and say “BRING IT ON“, but to be honest, I am too knackered and I fear what I am going to have to go through to get back to that happy place.

I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that your 2020 is full of opportunity and chances to grow and be well.

Thank you for stopping by, and why not come back and see what else I have to share on this Photo A Day challenge.

FriYAY Playlist Music

Fri-YAY Playlist – 11-10-2019

I’ll be glad to see the back end of this week for so many reasons.

One reason being, this is the week we said goodbye to one of my musical heroes, Ginger Baker. When I was growing up and educating myself in what I thought was cool in music, I was introduced to Cream by my Mum. I had heard loads of cream stuff (the famous stuff) on Eric Clapton compilations, but I hadn’t differentiated Cream as a unit from being a unit that featured Eric Clapton.

Once I started digging into the catalogue of Cream and came across Ginger Baker’s astounding drum solo track Toad, my mind was blown and it soon joined the other mega drum solo I knew of at the time Moby Dick by John Bonham of Led Zeppelin.

Image of Drummer Ginger Baker from the Classic Rock band Cream
Ginger Baker

The playlist this week is a hodge podge of new stuff, old stuff and to be frank some out of the box stuff. All the songs included this week have either made me think or cheered me up a bit.

Hope you enjoy the playist and have a wicked weekend.

Doctor Who Life Photography

Sittingbourne Sci-Fi 2019

last weekend I attended the Sittingbourne Sci-Fi 2019 event. I went with Mum and, I have to say it was rather good. It was a really well run local community effort. It was a brilliant grounding to be built on (I hope) in years to come. I was really impressed that there was no major hassles – getting in, finding the venue, being to crowded and the like – it just appeared to go along smoothly. I am sure the organisers will probably have a different story to tell, but to the untrained eye… it went smooth as silk.

An image of Harley Quinn and the Sixth Doctor Who cosplayers.
Harley and the Sixth Doctor hanging around.

There was a surprising amount of Cosplayers attending and, I think that that fact helpped a lot. It was absolutely amazing to see the time and effort plainly invested to make the outfits look as good as they did.
If you know anything about me, you know I love Doctor Who and Horror films, so imagine my delight when this happened…

Halloween villain Micheal Myers and a Doctor Who Dalek face off at Sitt9ingbourne Sci-Fi 2019
Micheal Myers takes on a Dalek!

As I mentioned at the start, I went with Mum to this and I was amazed that she actually made a couple of new friends while at the event.

I am really looking forward to see where this event goes next time around… they have a solid base for any improvements they might want to make.

Until Next Time…

FriYAY Playlist Music

Fri-YAY Playlist 04-10-19 (Late)

It has been a super weird and stressful week since I last posted. Work stuff, breaking my teeth stuff and new DLC release for Destiny 2. All of the above has made this past week, quite possibly, one of the hardest of the year so far. I can’t talk about most of what has gone on, but needless to say, it has all put me behind this week and the post I had intended to make during the week about the Sci-Fi event I went to last weekend has been delayed to Monday.

So, this weeks playlist is a day late and it has some “out-there” stuff on there.

The brand new single from Manchester band Elbow is a revelation. I have put in a german language Punk Track by Die Toten Hosen (for non German speaking peeps – it means The Dead Trousers)

There are a couple of tracks that contain “bad words” so listen with caution if you have little ears around.

Thanks for checking this weeks playlist out – see ya next week.