Legal Stuff


I will from time to time, be posting reviews for the products I use.

For the most part, these reviews will be on items I have purchased myself from my own funds. If at any time I am offered items in return for a review, I will make this explicitly clear at the START of the review.

All reviews, regardless of whether I have paid for the item or received it free, will be all my own thoughts and opinions. If I am offered an item in return for a biased review, it will be rejected and I will take no further part in such a programme.

Comments on the Blog

I leave my comments section open for genuine readers to leave their comments and thoughts regarding posts they have read. If these comments are abusive toward myself or other readers/commenters of the blog, I reserve the right to remove the said comment and possibly block the offensive comment maker. There will be NO prior warning to this. Play nice people.

I reserve the right to amend and update this page as needs arise.

4th January 2020