Poltergeist (2015)

Clowns feature heavy in this version – get over it!!

I have a bad habit. I buy Films and never get around to watching them until some weird urge catches me, and I realise my bad habit isn’t so bad, it’s just forward planning. A few months back, I really wanted to watch the original Poltergeist film, I didn’t have it and I couldn’t find it on any of the streaming services I am subscribed to. Now, it’s all over the shop.

So, while I was shopping for the original, the two sequels and the 2015 remake accidentally fell in my shopping basket, stuff like that happens to me all the time.

Well, fast forward to this week and I decide that it’s time to start watching some of these Blu-Rays that are starting to take over my house; I swear rabbits don’t breed as fast as these bloody films. I chose the remake of Poltergeist as my Mum claims to never have seen it, yet I could have sworn we watched it together ages ago. Who am I to argue.

As an analogy the Poltergeist (1982) is like a delicious three-course Meal with a decent bottle of Wine to accompany it. It will fill you up and you will remember it for a long time after, whereas the remake is kind of like a Quarter Pounder Burger with Fries and a Milkshake from McDonald’s, it tastes ok, but it pretty much tastes the same as the last one you had and will probably taste the same as the next one. There really isn’t anything distinguishing about the remake. It’s a good film and it alters the story just enough that it has some originality to it, but it isn’t in any way memorable as the original.

You know that THAT line is going to be dropped somewhere in the film and it is, but it is thrown away in an offhand way

It just aint the same y’ know

Megan is stood in front of the TV and casually turns around and informs everyone…. “They’re Here.” There is no innocence like Carol Anne gave in the original, it wasn’t memorable.

I keep getting drawn back to the fact that this film is pretty much done by numbers and doesn’t really offer much to the Poltergeist legacy. This film deserved to be made, but maybe not as a remake of Poltergeist, they should have the balls to take the Poltergeist premise and run with it in a different direction. It should have stood on its own and been something…more.

 It is a shame as the cast are great. Sam Rockwell is great (mind you, I still can’t get his flip-top head from Hitchhikers Guide from my mind) he leads the film with an understated anger and disbelief of what is happening around him until his family really need him to step up and lead. Rebecca DeWitt is also great, I find her more approachable and believable than JoBethWilliams was for the most part in the original. DeWitt silently leads along with Rockwell, I wouldn’t call her a lead in the film, she feels more like serious support. The kids in the film range from Annoying to Blah. The son, up to the third act of the film is just like sandpaper in ya pants. He really is designed to annoy the audience to rile them up into some form of anxiety; you know that anxiety where you wish a bloody great tree would fall through the house and“shut him up” – redemption comes for him in the aforementioned third act when he goes all gung-ho and charges into the spectral netherworld to save his sister. It is only at this point you feel anything other than annoyance at the child. Even after the supposed sacrifice, it is all over so quickly with no real danger, that you quickly go back to not giving a damn.

As is my way, that is about as much of the plot as you will get from me here. I don’t like spoilers and I won’t divulge them just in case you read this before you see the film. If you haven’t seen and do watch it, please let me know in the comments; if you have seen it, let me know in the comments what you thought.

Doctor Who Opinion


Class could have been so much more. It could have been the start of a beautiful, new and fresh franchise that could have had legs that ran and ran for years. No, the show wasn’t perfect, and there was enough cheese to create enough Pizza for it’s first run audience. I believe that Class could have been something special, something more than just a Doctor Who spin-off aimed at Teens. To me, the answer to all Class’ problems stems from one glaring issue.


Yep, if they had found another entrance to the story of how these kids (who didn’t exactly look like kids at all) had met and formed this team of ragtag alien busters, then the show would have survived and would have opened another stream of Science Fiction for the BBC to grow its programme base.

It seems that the BBC wanted something, anything, to bring in that demographic of 15 to 21-year-olds who watch TV on the go. They wanted to try and create that buzz around a new show linked to the Doctor Who universe. Doctor Who had been criticised by the youth market in general for having an older actor play the Doctor after such young bucks as Tennant and Smith and the radical change of Peter Capaldi had made it slightly hard going at first. I believe that Class was first brainstormed when this hue and cry started. 

This pandering to one demographic was the first mistake. Doctor Who is popular because it is Doctor Who. In a way, Torchwood fell into the same trap by trying to sex up the Whoniverse. The audience were apoplectic when the Doctor kissed Rose – any addition of romance was derided by a segment of the audience who thought that this was so far removed from the ethos of Doctor Who that (and excuse the pun) it was alien. I can see why this was, there was no need for any romantic attachments in Doctor Who, it was just an element to get people talking and, in a way, dividing the audience.

Class tried to fill the gap that had been created between Doctor Who and Torchwood. Class had sex, and it had violence, but it was tame compared to Torchwood. There was no needless killing off beloved characters, the ones that did die had no emotion life to them for the audience, the characters who felt something for the person who died had to carry their own emotions and still try to project the emotional output of the person who died. To be quite honest, that didn’t work.

Class should have been anything else but a Doctor Who spin-off. It could, as I have said, been so much more. You have in the Who creative world, some of the most excellent writers in the world ANYWHERE! Why couldn’t the BBC have tapped into that hive mind of brilliance to create new intellectual properties in sci-fi? They could have used 101 different plot devices to get the group together. In fact, they could have used the exact same premise they did for the show except replace the Doctor with some other figurehead. Imagine the premise behind Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Watcher (Gyles) recruits the next in line to be a Slayer who is predestined to become the Slayer. How about a group of six young people see a phenomenon occur while out on a school field trip, and they try and keep the secret and get embroiled in a galactic battle over the two “visitors” survival. Each one of those scenarios is perfectly valid and with smart writing wouldn’t be a blatant rip off scripts from other shows.

It could have been so much more. The cast (overall) was brilliant. The only let down for me was the character of Ram Singh – the actor portraying him Fady Elsayed had about three different expressions, and he used them ad Infinitum. By the time I got to episode 4, I was considering a drinking game in which expression would appear next. If it wasn’t for the fact I was at my place of work that night, I could have become incredibly drunk, and Ram could have ended up as a tattoo on my leg (hopefully one that doesn’t eat people).

Overall, I enjoyed Class, I enjoyed it more once the first episode was out of the way, and the crowbar use of the Doctor was over and done with. I could forgive the odd reference to him, and the Cliff Hanger ending to the final show could be forgiven if you were taking part in said drinking game as you would be too blotto to realise that the major Big Bad behind the second half of the series was from Doctor Who (no spoilers here folks). I am looking forward to having a nice chunk of time to get stuck into the first two volumes of Class Audio Dramas from Big Finish, from the early reviews I have seen (granted, most of these come from people who hated the TV show) speak of the Audios being really good. I hope I am not the one in the crowd who has the opposite view.

Let me know what you thought of Class in the comments, could it have been a new franchise away from Doctor Who or do you think that it played out well/ poorly in the Whoniverse?

Thanks for reading.


That’s Just Mental

You know that something is wrong, deep down, you admit to yourself that that swirling gnawing feeling that alternates between the pit of your gut and the raging torrent in your head; something ain’t right McGee. You can fob family and friends off only so often with excuses like “I’m just having a day… nothing to worry about” after all “your day” has lasted a week so far and it’s just getting darker and longer. You can try and fob off your friends that you missed the gathering of the year because you had to finish a project by a deadline and it’s dropped on you at the last minute. The fact that the deadline you have to meet is trying to make it through one more night without those thoughts acted on that could put you in the Emergency Room or worse.

When you finally realise that all of the excuses in the world aren’t going to get you out of a jamb this time. You have to ultimately choose where to try and start the most laborious mission of your life so far, a mission that is, quite possibly, going to last for the rest of your life. It’s those happy thoughts that make you want to get to a real crossroad and rather than heading left or right, reverse a mile or so and run as fast as you can towards the huge brick wall facing the junction and not bother with the brakes.


I want to offer you a sliver of hope.

Just a chink of light in that permanent black sky you see about now.

I want to tell you. It WILL get better, and that chink in the clouds will get bigger and bigger with each bold step forward you take, the next step may not be ahead, but you will have learnt something to be used towards the next successful step you take. Open your eyes just a little to the possibility that while your head and heart are currently as dense as lead, someone or something is coming soon to help you with your full burden. You won’t see it coming, and

it is going to be tough at times to understand that it is getting better every day.

Now, by this point, you are sick of all the clichés and self-help book crap.

To be frank so am I and I am writing it down. What I would like to say to you that every word that you have just read has been uttered at least ten times each from some well-wishers and morale booster that accompanied me along my journey to being where I am at right now. It is frustrating as hell to call for help and be told to take a walk or take a hot bath. If relieving depression or any mental health problem would be solved by taking a walk or a bath then the world would be full of Unicorns crapping Rainbows all over the shop.

I have friends who prescribe to the strict love school of Mental Health management; you know the type: PULL YOUR SOCKS UP, JUST GET ON WITH IT, BUCK UP YOUR IDEAS, MAN.

All helpful when all you really feel like saying and doing is pulling their socks up over their head and buck up the idea that they thought you could get over by just getting on with harming yourself (and them) with the nearest heavy implement.

What I do want to let you know is that I personally know from my own life, that most of that cliched mambo jumbo will help in one way or another. It is going to sound so patronising when you are in the deepest depths of blackness, and people really do (on the whole) feel that their words are offered in support and kindness. You want answers and a solution to your problem when you are crying out for help, but unfortunately, there really is no safe quick fix for fighting with a 200lb black dog sitting on your shoulder, you have to tickle that dog until it falls asleep again and you

can move forward into the sun light.

What I am suggesting is that in your daily life make up a “memory bank account” of all of the advice you are given or have worked out for yourself, tips and tricks that help you through each dark day. You can do this by making a mood diary or just make a mood board to put up around the house somewhere. Don’t rely on knowing what you should do from memory, because in the throws of a low mood or crisis you won’t remember diddlers about what works to make you feel better.

Make up a daily action plan for things that you should do (within reason) during your bad times. It can be something as simple as 4 or 5 things that you could do to help make your day better. Maybe it’s something as trivial as washing your hair, reading a chapter or two of a book, going to visit a friend for a cup of tea and a chat. It can also be something more complex, like planning a project that will take more time than any ordinary task.

The one thing and one rule that I will always suggest is that there should be absolutely no pressure to do anything unless you feel that you can mentally and physically do it safely. There is not point in forcing yourself to go out into town whilst you are in the throws of an anxiety attack just because you told yourself first thing in the morning that that is what you HAD to achieve today. Your body and emotions can change in the blink of an eye. If you need to break a meeting or miss out on an appointment, that too is OK. If it is all too much, take a step back in your safe space and get yourself feeling well again. Find that person to talk too. Reach out wherever you feel you will get the best support, family, friends Facebook or Twitter. They are all valid places that have helped me in the past and if your support networks are a little more diverse that they norm, that’s good if it works for you.

Everything considered, the one takeaway I would suggest that you take from this overlong post, is that do what is right for you and worry about the rest of the world when you feel up to tackling that. You will make choices that are not in your best interest when you are in an altered mind set through Anxiety or Depression or whatever crappy thing you are dealing with at the time.

Love you first then love the world when you can.



This is me after having yet another night of no sleep.

This is me wondering why in the hell does my body hate a regular sleep pattern.

This is me just sitting in disbelief that one person is going to need so much coffee to just through the end of his shift that he may as well just eat a jar of Nescafe Gold Blend for the efficacy of getting the whole job done in one fell swoop.

Doctor Who Opinion

Doctor Who

This is going to one of those posts you read on the internet and can’t believe that someone had the nerve to write it and post it on the internet. I am not here to cause controversy or to stir the pot, but I keep seeing the same question being asked over and over in one form or another, but basically, it boils down to this:

If I don’t watch the classic stories of Doctor Who does that make me any less of a fan?


Is Old Who better than New Who?

I am going to lay out my thoughts on this and all I ask of you, the reader, is that you remember EVERYONE has an opinion just like everyone has a butthole. There is nothing you can do to change someone’s opinion just like you can’t change someone’s butthole. That’s probably not a very pretty analogy, but it’s all I have now.

So, the main thing I want to address is the fact that Old and New Who are two different entities. In one respect I can see the way people think that post-2005 Doctor Who is a different series to the classic series.

I want to state something obvious and quite in your face. The name of the programme is Doctor Who. It began in November 1963 and continues to this day. It is all one series with many interconnecting facets that link old and new. So, the labelling of old and new Who should end here and now (hell, it should NEVER have started in the first place). Doctor Who has been an entity for almost 55 years. It holds the record for being the longest-running science fiction TV show EVER… you see, it’s got a world record for being the longest series, it’s ONE SERIES.

So, the next time you think that watching the Post 2005 series is the be all and end all, then I am afraid, you are technically wrong. Quite apart from missing out on over 30 years of great Doctor Who stories, you are missing out on the history of what is only hinted at in the post-2005 series. You can read all the blurbs and quick fix guides to The Daleks or The Cybermen etc, but you will never understand what they are about if you don’t venture back to the 1963/64 serial The Daleks with William Hartnell in the lead role. It doesn’t make you any less of a fan if you chose not to do this, but just imagine if you read Lord of the Rings without reading the Hobbit to get the full story of how Bilbo got the ring. The film may give a ten-second catch up of what happened, but it’s more, so much more than that.

I do understand that early Doctor Who can be quite slow to get through if you aren’t really invested in wanting to watch it. I am a HUGE fan of the older stuff, but trust me, if I am not in the right mood for it, I too can find it quite hard to sit still through 6 episodes of The Mind of Evil with Jon Pertwee, but given a good chance, you’ll be rewarded with a great romp and an adventure that will give you one more story to talk with friends with or to write about.

I really want to emphasise the point that if you choose not to watch the older stories you are less of a fan than someone who has only seen the last Peter Capaldi series. If you dig the Madman in His Box in any of his guises, then you are a Whovian and you are more than welcome in my comments section.

Let me know who your Doctor is or your reasoning to counter my thoughts. Leave a comment or drop me an email using the comment form.


Good Enough? Maybe…

You're Still Hired

I posted something I wrote a year ago a while back and I promised an update as to how things panned out over the year since. I don’t normally manage to follow-up on promises like this, but, quite honestly, I think this is an important post to do to show that the optimism that I had a year ago can manifest in so many different ways over the passage of time.

The first thing to note about getting a job after so much time off is that you soon realise how much time you really waste when you are unable to work with health issues. You soon realise that all those days you thought you were being constructive by learning Esperanto via Email, are pretty much as useful as learning Esperanto in the first place.

Prior to starting this job, I volunteered with several organisations doing what I thought I wanted to do when I was better. Those volunteer opportunities did give me a grounding in certain things that I would need to know, but the bare reality is that nothing prepares you for going back to work after so long. For a start, the shifts are longer and they quite often start much earlier than anything else you have done.

In my job, the old saying that two days are never the same is the most misunderstood statement ever. In my case, no two hours are the same. I love this, I love the fact that there is a surprise around every corner, every member of the house that I work in, want and need different things at different times and the only thing that is set is the times they take their medication.

I get the pleasure of taking people out to live their life and to make sure that they lead as much of a full life as is possible. This can involve, playing Golf, going Bowling, visits to the Cinema. In my first house, I even re-learned how to play The Pokemon Trading Card Game.

My job requires periods of being as serious as life and death. You have to make sure that you are on the ball constantly. When you are out with one of the guys, you must have eyes on stalks at all time, you have to be alert and ready for anything that could be thrown at you at any time. This does add to the stress levels and I know that I have to be mentally ready for everything. Over the year I have gotten down pat the notion that I have to make myself ready for getting my guys ready. One technique that I used when I was really ill was to map out my journey before I did it; this works really well these days. I have the map in my head of everything I have to do that trip and then I plot out my route. Obviously, things can change and it’s ok, I am in a place where change doesn’t affect me the way it did, I just take a slight detour and get back on track as soon as I can.

It isn’t all a bed of cheese on toast. There are ups and downs with every job and this one is no different. My first house housed younger people and there was plenty of challenging behaviours on show. When you start your day at 8 am and the first thing you hear is “Morning you f*****g p****k”. It can put a dampener on your day if you haven’t had extra coffee or Valium that morning. There are other obstacles that would be inappropriate for me to go into, but you quickly get on first name terms with the local police.

On a personal level, my sense of worth has, for the most part, grown leaps and bounds. I am now more confident than I have been in over a decade and a half. Even before I was diagnosed I didn’t Have a great sense of self, but now, I feel I can achieve anything I set my mind too.

Whilst I was in treatment, I was subjected to so many different group therapies that were supposed to get me ready for being better. At the time, I Thought it was a bunch of hogwash. These days I rely on the skills and coping mechanisms that were suggested and I put in place for short-term relief. These days, every day has at least one period of reflection and if something comes up that stumps me, I have a strategy to help me get over it.

I have also learnt from the people I work with, the majority of which are younger than me but have been doing this job for much longer than I. The people of my age upwards who have other life skills outside of Care Work have other skills they can offer and, trust me, they have gotten me out of more shit than any normal person should have to deal with.

I have found that along with long learned tips and tricks, that I have developed a few things that help me no end.

Sleep – Take it when you can get it. Don’t feel bad about getting an extra nap in whenever possible. You are going to find that if you are on medication that you will have to adjust to the side effects and try to make sure that you get over them and still be able to do your job. For me, the hardest part was getting over the brains slow starting functions of Seroquel (Quetiapine). I found that having a REALLY strong coffee first thing will kick-start your day and it will help the side effects.

Breakfast – Another thing linked to Side-Effects is eating regularly. Don’t forget that just as the mind needs kindness, your body needs it too. I found that I needed to eat breakfast regularly. I needed that burst of energy for helping the side-effects abait. I also needed it to give me a few minutes to just calibrate myself for what the day was going to throw at me.

Support – Have a Support Network that you can call on if you need it. Don’t be afraid to include as many or as few as you need. Make sure they know that they can give you advice and prompt you to take care of yourself, but also make sure THEY know that YOU know your limits. It can be hard for those around you to see you spread your wings and fly, and they are worried about you but you know you better than anyone else. Don’t dismiss advice out of hand, they may see something you don’t, evaluate, take on board and take the right action for you.

Be Honest – Aside from your close Support Network, you need those you are working with to be, at least, aware of what you deal with. If you need a break, be it for an hour or a few days (or longer) then be as honest with the person you feel you can trust. Whilst it’s not exactly the feel-good pep rally that I have posted so far, it is a fact that the law is on your side in most cases. If you have a disability, it doesn’t matter one jot that you are working or not, you STILL have that disability and you may need some extra support at work or just the odd Mental Health Day, where you take a day or two to re-balance and get yourself back to fighting fitness for work. They will thank you in the long run for not working yourself to the bone and being off work for months through a full-on relapse.

These are just a few things that I have found over the last year that have helped me that I think anyone in the same position might find themselves.

I love my job. I really wouldn’t do anything different. I have learned so much about my job, but more importantly, I think, is that I learned more about myself in a year of work than I could have done otherwise. Through all the years of self-reflection of blogging and writing stuff on the internet, I have learned that I am capable of pretty much anything I set my mind too. Be the best that you can be.

I like to keep in mind, my old school motto – “Only My Best Is Good Enough For Me”

Take it and run with it, I promise, you can only succeed with the first step outside your comfort zone. Leave plenty of doors open, you can always explore more openings along the way.

Feel free to drop me a comment or a message using the contact page if you would like to say or ask anything.

Be Good To Yourself.


Not Good Enough (One Year On)

You're HiredA year ago today I wrote this. I honestly don’t recall if I actually posted it or not. It was by pure fluke that I came across this today. I was just looking through documents in my OneDrive folders to clear out some clutter, and I found this. I remember the excitement when I knew this was happening and the fact that the future was looking a little rosier.

I’ll post an update in a day or two about how the last year has been for me. Small beginnings and all.

I always thought I’d find the one thing that I would good at. It always seemed just a fingertip reach away; alas I never actually found that extra inch to grab it with. I think, looking back on my life now, I used to be the sheep that followed and was never brave enough to be the Shepherd that led the flock. That didn’t bother me too much, I was happy in the company of friends and I could blend in and almost disappear within my social group.

For the most part looking back, I see that I wasted a lot of opportunities in life, partly through a lack of ambition and just wanting to live wholly for the now and partly because I now realise I was becoming unwell. It was something that I wouldn’t get treatment for until I was over 30 years old and it wouldn’t be pleasant for anyone around me. They say the person who is hardest on you is yourself when you deal with mental health issues. In my case, it was and to some extent, I believe always will be. We with mental health problems have a battle just to get our heads from the pillow each morning never really knowing what the day holds and which beast from within will take over and make or break the day.

When I think about all the chances I had in life that I squandered I could quite easily just break down and spend the rest of my days kicking myself. However, with age and a little bit of growing up, I see that is pointless. People around you will tell you not to sweat the small stuff and just plod on the best you can. That is an admirable quality if your brain will allow you to do so, but when your brain wants you to dwell on that stuff for every quiet moment of your life, then that battle to get out of bed in the morning can and is quite daunting.

When I got seriously ill around 10 or so years ago, I had nothing left in my Mental bank to play with. I lost all my reasoned faculties and I gave in to the illness, even if I didn’t have a name for it at the time, everyone who knew me and interacted with me could see and quite often felt the brunt of my mental state. When things didn’t improve over the next few years and my career was stalling big time due to the illness, I found myself out of options and my final spell of absence from work led the company to politely get rid of me. That was the moment I really, really felt no good for anything. Even at the time when I instinctively knew that not working for a while was a good idea to get myself on an even keel and back into a fit state to work and rejoin society in a productive way.

However, 9 years later I found myself still doing roughly the same things I had been for the previous 9 years. Nothing but sitting on my backside and just staring at a computer screen and pretending to be a part of a life that involved trying to claim to be one thing or another. Mostly I tried to pass myself off as a Blogger/Writer and that was/is just laughable. Whilst I do write and I do blog, I have no real dedication to it. I would love to write every day it just never happens. I start with the best intentions but never lasts, I guess I found something else that I realise that I am just not good enough for.

One of the things that really drain’s one’s spirit when you become ill and can no longer work, is that you still must live and pay the rent, so a life on benefits lays ahead of you. When you are in the throes of those early days of illness these safety net benefits are, perfect and give you the breathing space to try to get well. When it comes to getting better and getting off of the benefits it becomes a whole new beast. You dread the next brown envelope that lands on your doormat and you dread the next scheme that the Government wants you to participate in to justify the fact that you get the few pounds from them to live and get well again. In the end, you become dependent on them. You get to the stage where you can’t go back to work as you have become entrenched in the system and going back to work would mean being worse off working than on benefits. This is the trap I found myself in.

Many times, I tried to find a job, but there was always a reason not to take it:

  • No Transport
  • Not Enough Hours
  • To Stressful

There was always a reason for me not to take or apply for the job.

I was still not good enough, this time to move on in life.


I saw an advert for a job in Support Work for Adults with learning difficulties.

The job came with full training, it was full-time at a reasonable wage and it was in my local(ish) area.

Damn – I had no reason NOT to apply and take the job if offered.

So, I applied…

I went for the interview…

I got the Job.

Suddenly I was good enough for someone.

This when my whole life appears to have flipped 180 degrees. I am currently waiting for all the legal checks to be done and I should hopefully be starting by the end of March.

My whole outlook on life changed within one week.

It isn’t going to be plain sailing. I have almost 10 years of negative behaviours to break myself of, but now, it just feels like I have a grain of worthiness about myself and that grain can only bed in and seed the germs of self-belief and hope for the future.

Never let your head tell you that you aren’t good enough, it lies… one day you will be good enough and it could change in as little as one day, or it could take a little longer, but I now believe that can happen for anyone who wants it.

Fashion Humour

A Pair Docs Are For Life

Never let it be said that I don’t stretch myself beyond my comfort zone (in more ways that one)

Today, and for today only, I am a fashion writer!!

Well, when I say fashion writer I want to extol the virtues of Doctor Marten Boots. It is a rite of passage that I have been through twice before, it is one that all those souls who decide that they should take the journey to being a Docs wearer have to take… yes folks it’s that Breaking In period.  Docs are made of some material found nowhere else on the planet, and it can take a kicking and keep on ticking. The Process goes a little something like this:

Day One – OMG These Boots Look EPIC!!!!

Day Two – OMFG – Someone burn my feet off at the ankle and grind the bloody stumps in rock salt… it couldn’t feel any worse than they do right now!!!!

Week One – The False Sense of Security.
You think you have broken the boots, but in reality, the boots have crippled you and you can just no longer feel your feet

Week Two – Hard-en.
Your feet are starting to toughen up to the continual pressure coming from all sides that the boot can possibly exert. You get moments of pure blissful comfort and then your whole world comes crashing down as you step on that one blade of grass that may have had something sticky dropped on it and your whole body goes into spasms of writhing agony as you remember you have leather vices strapped to your feet.

Week Three – Almost There.
By now you have been wearing your boots for upwards of 21 days and you are on top of the world. You ARE tough enough to withstand and torture subjected too by any of the worlds Secret Agencies, Mi6, CIA, MOSSAD, Justin Bieber. You could probably withstand an Alien invasion from the planet Zog with your boots on. But don’t forget, these little bastards have put you through hell, but they won’t protect you from a heavy brick falling from 15 inches up on to your booted toe! Devious they are.