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Fri-YAY Playlist – 11-10-2019

I’ll be glad to see the back end of this week for so many reasons.

One reason being, this is the week we said goodbye to one of my musical heroes, Ginger Baker. When I was growing up and educating myself in what I thought was cool in music, I was introduced to Cream by my Mum. I had heard loads of cream stuff (the famous stuff) on Eric Clapton compilations, but I hadn’t differentiated Cream as a unit from being a unit that featured Eric Clapton.

Once I started digging into the catalogue of Cream and came across Ginger Baker’s astounding drum solo track Toad, my mind was blown and it soon joined the other mega drum solo I knew of at the time Moby Dick by John Bonham of Led Zeppelin.

Image of Drummer Ginger Baker from the Classic Rock band Cream
Ginger Baker

The playlist this week is a hodge podge of new stuff, old stuff and to be frank some out of the box stuff. All the songs included this week have either made me think or cheered me up a bit.

Hope you enjoy the playist and have a wicked weekend.

FriYAY Playlist Music

Fri-YAY Playlist 04-10-19 (Late)

It has been a super weird and stressful week since I last posted. Work stuff, breaking my teeth stuff and new DLC release for Destiny 2. All of the above has made this past week, quite possibly, one of the hardest of the year so far. I can’t talk about most of what has gone on, but needless to say, it has all put me behind this week and the post I had intended to make during the week about the Sci-Fi event I went to last weekend has been delayed to Monday.

So, this weeks playlist is a day late and it has some “out-there” stuff on there.

The brand new single from Manchester band Elbow is a revelation. I have put in a german language Punk Track by Die Toten Hosen (for non German speaking peeps – it means The Dead Trousers)

There are a couple of tracks that contain “bad words” so listen with caution if you have little ears around.

Thanks for checking this weeks playlist out – see ya next week.

FriYAY Playlist Music

Fri-Yay Playlist – 27-09-2019

Well, it’s been a weird week, the whole world seems to be turning itself inside out and upside down. I am not sure if we’ll see next Fri-Yay playlist, as weird as the world is, anything is possible.

Here is this weeks playlist (on the right day) I hope you enjoy it. Remember, it’s not a themed list,, just some of the many songs I was listening too this past week, and ifthey seem to have a link to them, then it’s because I was intregued by a theme and went hunting for music to explore those feelings.

Until next time…

FriYAY Playlist Music

FriYAY Playlist 19-09-2019

I tried the weekly playlist thing earlier in the year, it wasn’t very popular, but I enjoyed the curration process. To that end, here is the first FriYAY playlist.

I won’t be doing the whole YouTube version as that was ten times the amount of work to get right,

Hope you enjoy tunes.

End of the Week Music Playlist

End of the Week – The Greebo Edition

End of the Week – The Greebo Edition

Today marks the first in what I plan on being a weekly post. It’s the start of the weekend and what better way to say bye-bye to the week and hello to the weekend that with some tunes to get you started.

Usually these posts will have a theme that will mostly be adhered to. but there will always be a couple of surprises in there. No time limits, one week it could be full of 2- minute Punk tracks then the next week it could be full of 20-minute prog tracks.

Each week, I listen to lord knows how much music and I usually end up trawling through Spotify and YouTube to find other music linked to the one track that sparked the original interest.
This week it happened to be the track Def Con One by the UK band Pop Will Eat Itself

Memories came flooding back (not all were great) but still it made me think of a time before paying bills and clocking in and out of work every day. The majority of this list came out while I was at school towards the end of my 5th Year at High School and into my 6th form years. The thing is; this music was pretty much alien to me at the time. I was a rocker and all this indie sample stuff was classed the lowest common denominator to me and my friends. We wanted two guitars, a bass player and a drummer, with someone with an Air Raid Siren voice who could scream the house down; literally.

The term Greebo was banded around a lot while I was at school. If I remember rightly a lot earlier than this era of music actually began. I know that I was called a Greebo for the music I listened to and the way that I dressed. It all seems so long ago and very insignificant now. However, the music on today’s playlist all evoke “something” in me today and I am certainly not as closed minded when it comes to the music I listen too. Having said that, Greebo For Life!!!

I have created the Playlist in Spotify for those who have it and for those who don’t (or fancy something more visual) I have created the Playlist using YouTube as well. PLEASE be aware that the L7 video for Pretend We’re Dead does contain Nudity at the end of the video, but quite frankly it was the best version available.

The Greebo Edition on Spotify
The Greebo Edition on YouTube