What’s Occurring

Just below the Scoreboard was an icon that looked like a small leather-bound book, which linked to a free downloadable copy of Anorak’s Almanac, a collection of hundreds of Halliday’s undated journal entries. The Almanac was over a thousand pages long, but it contained few details about Halliday’s personal life or his day-to-day activities. Most of the entries were his stream-of-consciousness observations on various classic video games, science-fiction and fantasy novels, movies, comic books, and ’80s pop culture, mixed with humorous diatribes denouncing everything from organized religion to diet soda.

Ernest Cline. Ready Player One (Kindle Locations 198-201). Crown. Kindle Edition.

And so it was, finally, I found the description of every blog I had ever wanted to write, every hour that I had spent pondering “what was my niche?” and it’s all answered in this very short extract from Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. I have been trying to write my own Almanac for over 15 years and it just never seemed to gel with me. This short paragraph has given me a focus and almost a permission to go out and do what I want and I don’t need the validation of anyone.

No, I am not a very rich eccentric game designer? Nor am I the uber-geek that I believe the book portrays Halliday to be. I do, however, enjoy geek living and I am by no means the most knowledgeable, but if I enjoy something… BOOM, I am a geek of that thing! – Maybe I have attachment issues or some such thing.

I had been floating the phrase “I’m Out Of The Blogging Game” round in my head for about a year. I wasn’t having fun punishing myself trying to write about something that was artificially purged from me seeing as it was current or on topic for that moment in time. That isn’t me. I sit down and write when I want, usually, it’s a stream of conscious type thing (that’s been my style for pretty much my whole writing life) – So now I have the permission from the little men inside my head to go on and do whatever the writing muse allows me to do.

Whilst this isn’t a massive change in the content I have produced in the past, what this will be in a more free-flowing stream, that no one really will know what is coming next.

There will be no time restraints placed on me
There will be no content restraints
The will be no word count limits

Welcome to paulhurwood.co.uk

Ready Player 2?